Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our hosting order page for specific instructions.  You can email us at: with your name and domain and we will reply back to you the same day.  Since we only accept customers on a case-by-case basis, we don't have an automatic ordering process.  We are a one-on-one premium hosting provider that works directly with each customer.

Flip Hosting offers superior service and one-on-one support that will take your website to the next level.  After signing up you'll get our support and guidance not only with your hosting needs but also marketing support.  We can guide you to launch your website with greater exposure.  We can provide you with specific onsite and offsite optimization strategies to help you get immediately seen and ranked by This doesn't mean we are going to do all the work for you, however, we will direct you and give you specific guidance you can use to meet your goals.  Our expertise goes beyond just hosting services.  We are here to be part of your team, answer your questions, and give you our best advice. We don't charge extra for this service and there is no upselling.

By using Flip Hosting, you'll have a strategic partner that really wants you to succeed.

You can read about our other hosting benefits here.

Yes, we work directly with customers as well as numerous firms who need website optimization support. This is included in our service fee.  It is important to discuss your goals before starting, however, so contact us.

Here are some examples we have implemented to help SEO, PR, and/or Reputation Management firms:

  1. Reputation Management firm wants to create a simple website and get it ranked for his/her name on Google. See our Guaranteed Reputation Management Program. There are no upfront fees and you only pay after seeing the results.
  2. SEO company wants to rank for a specific key term.  A website is built and optimized to rank for that term.  We 301 redirect that website so the customer is happy (getting ranked on Google) and the SEO company gets all the credit.
  3. PR firm wants to launch a website to help support their topic.  We provide support around optimization and distribution so the website gets exposure across search and social channels.