Press Release Submission

Press Release Submission

A well written and optimized press release submission is a great way to create awareness, buzz, and additional traffic for your website. Once the submission is complete results can show up in a matter of just minutes. A press release not only creates traffic for your business but also brand awareness. It helps your business by engaging with a new audience and keeps a spotlight on your products/services.

You can write a press release about anything really. When it comes to a press release submission, some of the most common ones include changes to your business, products/services features, monthly discounts or coupon information, management changes, company location, and recent news. Many of our customers also update their older press releases they sent out themselves when they first started their business.

Our Press Release Submission Service will distribute your press release to our 50+ network of media channels. Our distribution network includes sites that receive over 55 million views per month such as Google News and Yahoo News. We will review your press release submission before it is sent out making sure it is optimized to rank high in the search results and attract the right audience (using keywords). Fill out our form below to request more information about our Press Release Submission service today.

Price: $88 per distribution

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