Business Services

Hosting Services

Entry Hosting Package
95% of our hosting customer start with our Entry Hosting Package. When you compare its technical specs it's comparable to most larger hosting packages offered by other hosting companies. Most hosting customer do not use even half of the space provided. [More]

Intermediate Hosting Package
Our Intermediate Hosting Package is considered our mid-level package. It includes all of the great features (as with all our packages) and additional disk space and bandwidth for your website. [More]

Monster Hosting Package
This package will give you more than enough power to do whatever you would like. If you produce a lot of music or videos or just want a lot of space then you can start with our best hosting package. [More]

Marketing Services

Search Engine Positioning
Having a website online is not enough anymore to be sucessful. You must properly setup and constantly market your website so it is positioned properly in the search results. When a potential customer visits Google to do a keyword search related to your product/services, you want your website to be positioned up at the top of search results (this is where everyone looks right?). Very few look past the first page of Google when doing a search for something they are interested in. Our Search Engine Positioning service will work closely with you to modify your website so the search engines correctly position your website right at the top of the first page of Google. [More]

Press Release Submission
If you need quick website exposure and traffic then a Press Release Submission is one of your best options. Our Press Release Submission Service will distribute your news to all the major channels including Yahoo and Google news. If you're unsure how to create a press release we have copywriting services also at an affordable price. [More]

Website Design Services

Web Setup Program
Our Web Setup Program gets you started online. We'll work with you to build a professional designed website. You don't have to worry about all the technical issues because we will handle all that for you. Just tell us a little about the business/website and we'll have you setup in no time. It is fast and very affordable website design solution. Get started with our Web Setup Program today! [More]

Blog Creation Service
Our Blog Creation Service will enhance your business/website by pushing it into the social media space. It will help you business/website customers by making them feel more engadged and thus more confident in your product/service online. Flip uses the Word Press platform to setup and and manage your blog. We also provide you with all the training on how to use the blog. [More]

Public Relations

Online Reputation Management
Repair and protect your reputation online with our Online Reputation Management Program. The Internet has continued to grow over the last few years and it now serves as the number 1 platform for customer to share their opinion about you and our service. Customers are quick to voice their opinion and unfortunately and negative reviews can quickly put your business in a crisis management position. Our Online Reputation Management Program will repair and protect your reputation online. [More]